Wenger: Lack Of Fear Played A Role In Chelsea’s PL Dominance

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Wenger after West Ham defeat: Gaffer not happy

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger says that Chelsea has their fearlessness to thank for their league dominance.

The blues having just lost twice in the premier league this season, clinched the trophy this month with Gunners way behind along with other chasers.

“The real luxury in this job is not to have a fear to lose,” the Arsenal boss told reporters. “Once a team has confidence and thinks they can turn up, play and we will win the game, they become different players. I do not overrate that.

“You want to see a team respond under pressure and I think since January we have done that well.

“The problem we had this season is Chelsea had no real blip. They have lost only two games.

“In a normal championship I think we would have come back into the race. Chelsea lost only two games and, in games like when they won at Hull City and QPR, they were not at their best but could still manage a win.

“These are the kind of wins you have when you smell you are close to winning it.”



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