We Get It Khloe, Beyonce Is Your Idol

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After spending a great deal of time channeling her inner Beyonce while she posed for the gram last week, Khloe is back with a new Beyonce inspired idea.

And it is decking up in the look alike of a swimsuit, the superstar artiste wore in one of the scenes in the newly released video, Feeling Myself.

Khloe's hot bod


khloe hot bod 2

Khloe who looked very hot in the photos posted on Instagram had the swimsuit custom fitted!

In other words, you can admire but you can’t get it because only Khloe owns it.

But you can get the one wore by Queen Bey which apparently is a Rita Ora design for Adidas original.

Bey swimsuit


And we would rather rock Bey’s own anyway, yeah? Because even Khloe gets inspiration from her.




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