We Defeated Goodluck Jonathan With A Commonsense, Non-Violent Revolution – Tinubu

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Speaking at a book launch yesterday May 14th, APC national leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu, stated that the APC was able to outdo the PDP in the last elections owing to something he described as a ‘commonsense revolution anchored on a rebellion against the excesses of the PDP’.


Professor Wole Soyinka who was also present at the launch spoke on the situation of the nation, as he praised Bola Tinubu and Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State for their contributions so far to the current state of affairs.


Tinubu went further: “Amaechi is an example of common sense revolution. In the course of the historic campaigns for the 2015 Presidential Election, I was emphatic that the election itself was a great opportunity to popularise and test the noble idea of a Common Sense Revolution in Nigeria. Soon enough, we found in the resonance of the APC Change mantra with the electorate a confirmation that Nigeria needed a Common Sense Revolution that is non-violent.”

“Indeed there is a publication with that title authored by me in which I argued that Nigeria was ripe for a change of leadership and Nigerians must act in a Common Sense and rational way in choosing their leaders. The results of the March Presidential elections and that of April have demonstrated clearly the desire by Nigerians for change.”


The APC leader also emphasized the need for the newly elected leaders under the party’s umbrella to deliver on their various promises, so that living conditions of the masses can be vastly improved.


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