University Of Ibadan Is The Best Varsity In Nigeria, See Top 10

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The University of Ibadan tops the overall ranking in Nigeria with a Total Influence Factor (TIF) of 41.22. This is closely followed by the University of Nigeria (TIF: 39.96) and Ahmadu Bello University (TIF: 35.57).

Here are the top ten institutions in Nigeria.

Institution: University of Ibadan
Total Influence Factor: 41.22
Rank: 1

Institution: University of Nigeria
Total Influence Factor: 39.96
Rank: 2

Institution: Ahmadu Bello University
Total Influence Factor: 35.57
Rank: 3

Institution: University of Lagos
Total Influence Factor: 34.48
Rank: 4

Institution: Obafemi Awolowo University
Total Influence Factor: 33.85
Rank: 5

Institution: University of Benin
Total Influence Factor: 32.96
Rank: 6

Institution: University of Ilorin
Total Influence Factor: 31.27
Rank: 7

Institution: University of Port Harcourt
Total Influence Factor: 29.24
Rank: 8

Institution: Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Total Influence Factor: 26.53
Rank: 9

Institution: University of Calabar
Total Influence Factor: 26.52
Rank: 10

Covenant University (TIF: 41.22) tops the private universities in Nigeria. Babcock University (TIF: 14.30) and Igbinedion University (TIF: 9.45) make up the top three private universities in Nigeria. 49 private universities were featured in the ranking.

Institution: Covenant University
Total Influence factor: 23.56
Rank: 1

Institution: Babcock University
Total Influence factor: 14.30
Rank: 2

Institution: Igbinedion University
Total Influence Factor: 9.45
Rank: 3

In the 2015 ranking for Polytechnics and Monotechnics in Nigeria, Yaba College of Technology (TIF: 10.20), The Polytechnic Ibadan (TIF: 9.65) and Kaduna Polytechnic (TIF: 9.40). There are 120 Nigerian Polytechnics and Monotechnics in the ranking.

Institution: Yaba College of Technology
Total Influence Factor: 10.20
Rank: 1

Institution: The Polytechnic Ibadan
Total Influence Factor: 9.65
Rank: 2

Institution: Kaduna Polytechnic
Total Influence Factor: 9.40
Rank: 3

Adeyemi College of Education (TIF: 8.00) tops the 99 Colleges of Education featured in the 2015 ranking. Federal College of Education Zaria (TIF: 7.78), College of Education Minna (TIF: 7.69) are in the second and third positions.

Institution: Adeyemi College of Education
Total Influence Factor: 8.00
Rank: 1

Institution: Federal College of Education Zaria
Total Influence factor: 7.78
Rank: 2

Institution: College of Education Minna
Total Influence Factor: 7.69
Rank: 3

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