UEFA Would Ease FFP Rules: Platini

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UEFA came up with a system called the financial fair play rule which would see clubs only spend what they earned making it hard for some clubs to characteristically buy players. A few clubs have suffered fines, lost player and been thrown onto financial and on pitch crisis as a result of the financial fair play rules. Michel Platini, the UEFA president however announced today that UEFA planned to ease the financial fair play restrictions.

Whiles clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid have been able to navigate the waters because they started spending big and reaping rewards before the coming of FFP, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were fined last season for breaching the FFP rules and a few clubs have called for the restrictions to be eased. Speaking ahead of the UEFA executive meeting, Platini was talking with reporters and he is quoted saying “I think the regulations that have been made are fine, but FFP was voted in by the clubs,” Platini explained.

“The French press have questioned it since Roman Abramovich at Chelsea can buy players while in France they cannot.

“Today in France they want another system, but if Qatar [owners of Paris Saint-Germain] had bought AC Milan they would want stricter enforcement. As it is, the Italians also say they want a lighter FFP.

“I understand that we are in a world of false bottoms, but we say this openly. I think we’ll lighten things up.” Platini

If the FFP laws are revised, a lot of inforseeable transfers would actually happen in the summer.

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