#TrekForGEJ: Trekker Gets Female Companion

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Oladele John Nihi, the man who is trekking from Abuja to Otuoke to welcome President Jonathan back home as he steps down, is about to have way less lonely nights as a companion has joined him.

What’s even more interesting, it’s a female and her name is Gloria and she tweets @Gloria_Speaks. She has been with him for two days now, and they have been chronicling every step of the journey together.

They have had to use the bush for their conveniences, walk all day and sleep at strangers’ all night. Though Nihi’s idea of trekking is as unoriginal as they come (three people have already done/are doing that), he is the first to use social media to document his trek.

The duo have been getting lots of support from passer-bys, both morally and financially. And Gloria is one brave lady, she has admitted that she is getting tired and is causing them to lag, but kudos to her al the same. We only wonder what Oldele Nihi’s wife really thinks about the pairing.

Oh, yes. He is married.



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