Top 12 Summer Must Haves For Every Female

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Summer officially begins in June. It is safe to say this is almost everyone’s favourite time of the year. All the best movies are released during summer, the best shows take place during summer, the coolest parties are slated for summer. In terms of fashion for females, it is time to break out the shorts, beach dresses and flaunt the body you’ve been working on since you picked on a few during the Christmas holiday. Despite the fact that Nigerians always dress like it is summer time, here are 12 basic summer must haves for every girl.


1)Crop tops: Of course, it would not be summer without crop tops. Crop tops come in all colours, cuts and styles but a white crop top will never go out of style.


2)Shorts: Pair your favourite shorts with a white cropped top, throw on a kimono and you are good to go or you could just pair your shorts with a shirt, a tee, or a tank top

3)A classic tee: Stand out from all your friends this summer by sporting a statement tee. What I mean by statement/classic tee is a t-shirt with an amazing design, lets say one with ‘Abatcha’s face’ or one with really cool inscriptions e.g ‘Caro made me do it’, ‘Africa Vs Everybody’. has  amazing tees.

4)Power banks: In the federal Republic of Nigeria, electricity is a major problem. Summer means lots of parties and that means lots of pictures, so you should own at least two power banks if you are spending summer in Nigeria.


5)Maxi dress: I know a few people do not think it is a maxi dress if it has a slit in front or shows too much of skin but I do, and that is why maxi dresses are a must have for summer. It is a great way to flaunt your fabulous body without revealing too much.

6)Sunglasses: This definitely does not need to be over emphasized as several people have bought into the sunglasses trend fully


7)Cross body bags: Cross body bags are a great way to make a fashion statement, also no one evr really wants to carry handbags to parties and you definitely do not need to loose your keys, wallet or other important stuff. Hence, the cross body bag a great way to stay fashionable and still hold your valuables in one place.

8)Kimono: Kimonos are definitely a must have for this summer. You can pair it with your bikini at the pool side or just wear it with a crop top and shorts

9)Setting Spray ,Face Serum & Sunscreen: Setting spray is to hold your make-up in place for a long period as I assume you would be out for long hours, Face Serum because you will definitely be wearing a lot of make-up and you will need something to revive your skin at night. With sunscreen, basically just look out for make-up products with SPF, because Nigeria’s sun is war.


10)Statement Sandals:Every girl should have that special pair, whether it is beaded, made of leather, anything. Just ensure you have an extraordinary pair of sandals ready for summer

11)Beach hats: Beach hats have this flirty feel to them, definitely a basic requirement for summer


12)A bikini: The best part about choosing a bikini is that now there are several Nigerian owned swimwear lines available for delivery all over Nigeria. They also come in all colours,styles and cater to women of all sizes. You can check out,


Which summer basics did I miss out on, let me know via the comment section.

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