This Is Why beautiful Women Shouldn’t Include A Photo With Their CV

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Are you a beautiful woman in search of a job? Including a photo with a job application is less likely to lead to an interview for you. The researchers say it is likely that women who already work in the company are jealous of beautiful rivals moving on to their territory.

In this study, for the female ‘candidates’ the CVs without pictures were most likely to lead to an interview. The applications with photos of plain women were the next most successful, but the beautiful women fared worst.

Researcher Bradley Ruffle, of Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, believes good-looking women are being penalised for their beauty. And with his research showing that most of those doing the recruiting were young, single females, he thinks jealousy is to blame.

‘Females in charge of hiring may well be jealous of prospective female employees who are attractive and compete with them for mates, or at least for the attention of male co-workers.’

He said it is also possible that attractive women are seen as ‘social magnets’ who lower productivity. Or, he suggested, men may be deterred from hiring them over fear of a backlash from their spouses.

When it came to the men, CVs that included pictures of handsome males were the most successful, while CVs without a photo did next best and plain males fared worst.

Dr Ruffle said:

 ‘A plain male needs to send over twice as many CVs as an attractive male for an equal chance at a callback.’

Funny Stuff.

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