This Is What Mourinho Will Be Doing During The Transfer Season

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The Chelsea manager has stated that he is not interested in signing or selling when the transfer market window opens.

He went on to say that chelsea is not a selling club and intends to keep his current crop of players close.

“I expect to be busy walking from my towel on the sand to the water, swim a little bit and be back in the sun again. That’s where I expect to be busy.

“I like my squad very, very much. It’s a young squad with space to improve and I’m in a different position to last season. Then, I was keen for my club to sell some players.

“The base last year was to sell to buy. The base this season is to keep my squad.

“We are in a good situation. We have stability in our squad. We don’t need dramatic changes. We have to be loyal to our players.

“What other clubs do is not going to affect our direction. If others buy 10 players each, that will not push us to do things we’re not going to do.”



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