The Worst Places To Have Sex! 10 People Share Their Experiences

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So, I’m addicted to AskReddit and basically any place online where I can read totally jobless people expose themselves and all the stupid things they have done in their lives. It’s a fun way to pass time.

In this instance, they were asked the worst place they ever had sex and you won’t believe what people shared. The world is surely coming to an end. Lol!

Anyways, here are my 10 best answers:

1. In the backseat of my mom’s car while her partner was driving.

“So we were both 16 and on our way to the south of France. My mum and sister went by aeroplane but my mum’s partner, my brother, my girlfriend and I all decided the scenic drive down would be more fun (fun = 14hrs.. I was 16 and dumb).

Anyway, my mum’s partner is driving, bro is in the passenger seat up front, girlfriend and I are in the back. About 8hrs in we decide to lay down for a nap (it was a land rover discovery for size y’all).

My 16yr old crotch was rubbing against her butt and in true teenager style I got the horn, grabbed a sheet to throw over us and then engaged in some of the most stealthy and stupid sex of my life, culminating in me reaching over to grab some toilet roll from the boot to ‘finish’ into.”

All finished, mission success. Right up until dinner that night when my mum’s partner mentions it, toilet roll n’all.”

2. On a playground, with snow as our bed

“I once banged an ex (we were dating at the time) on a playground at 3 AM in February with snow all over the place. I went soft inside her but the jury’s still out on whether that was psychological or due to the hideous freeze. Worth noting is that once she was aware I was having trouble keeping it up, she blew me and when she was done there was steam coming from my dick”

3. In a swamp

“Florida swamp, had to give up due to selfish Mosquitos.”

4. On a parking lot bench

“Went to a concert with my gf and another couple out of town. We booked a hotel for the night. Got super drunk and left the room with my gf for a second. Came back to zoo noises coming out of our shared room. So doing what two reasonable drunk people would do, we started fooling around on a bench. The Hotel parking lot bench, followed by a different more private lot in my car. I didn’t notice the security gaurd walking up with a flashlight, my girlfriend did, however. She sprang up and out of the car and pulled her shorts up. I was wearing polyester pants and couldn’t pull them up in my car due to…ahem…my engorged situation. So I had to get out of the car, dick first.”

5. Girlfriend’s parent’s living room

“Ex girlfriends parent’s living room couch. Was going to meet her parents for the first time but got there early. Parents weren’t home yet and things started getting hot and heavy on the couch. Mid-coitus we hear the garage open and scramble. No time for clothes. Throw a blanket over my lap, her panties in my pocket, pants around my ankles. Parents enter and I couldn’t stand up to say hello at risk of revealing the pantless conundrum. Shook hands while mine was still moist with their daughters secret sauce… Then her dad asks why my shirt is inside out…”

6. In a movie theater

“Lost my virginity on the cold hard floor of a movie theater. Was during Avatar: The Last Airbender. Gave it a good three thrust and then pulled out to finish directly onto the floor. 10/10 would not recommend.”

7. In a trailer in the presence of drunk friends

“Probably in a trailer with my girl while we were all drunk with friends, so like three other people within 10 feet of us. We were under a blanket, they were all awake but too drunk to notice. Except one, my buddy who got up and said, “Will you stop having blatant intercourse in front of me so I get by and take a piss?” We didn’t stop. He stepped over us. No one else noticed.”

8. In the sand dunes

“In the sand dunes, and it wasn’t the sand that made it awful. We got bitten alive by mosquitoes and interrupted by a snake halfway through. Then after sex he got up to pee and the wind blew it back into my face.”

9. On a busy highway

“21 years old, pretty drunk, having sex with my ex-girlfriend who was/is a stripper by the side of a busy highway at 4:00 AM on top of the hood of a car. The sex was great actually, we didn’t get in trouble, but people were honking and yelling. I usually cringe when I think about it, but typing it out now maybe it wasn’t so terrible after all.”

10. In a furniture store

“We once had sex in a single stall women’s restroom at pier 1 imports (furniture store).”



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