The Real Tea Behind The Irina Shayk/Cristiano Ronaldo Break Up

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When the player indulges in playing off the field.

Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to not only be a badass on the soccer field but also in his dealing with women.

The footballer who not so long ago split with his model beau, Irina Shayk, was up to no good during the period the duo were together.

Irina Shayk who revealed the reasons behind the break up said that she had heard rumors that he was cheating but had let it go because she refused to believe naysayers.

But once upon a time, she was with him in Madrid, saw strange numbers on his phone and looked it up and then, realized they belonged to several women all over the world.

Say what?

After asking him what it was about, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed he had actually cheated and Irina was hurt. Who wouldn’t be?

Mr Ronaldo is one bad player.



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