The Inkheart’s Stylebook: Choosing The Right Aso Ebi For Every Occassion

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If you’re a Nigerian reading this post, then the term is one of words you use almost every day; even if you’re a Nigerian living abroad but for the benefit of some of my foreign readers, I will define what Aso Ebi is.

Aso Ebi, literally meaning Cloth For The Family Members, is a uniform type of cloth worn by family members, close friends and sometimes by people who are invited to attend an event. It has been used in past times to single out the celebrants and their family but the advantages have gone farther than that. Aso Ebi brings about “uniformity” and adds glam and colour to a party. It also gives a sense of belonging to the person wearing it; once in your Aso Ebi, you won’t feel left out and like a complete stranger at a party even if you know just one person there. The advantages of the Aso Ebi can never be over emphasized; it literally brightens up the event.

However, choosing the right Aso Ebi for every occasion can be really tough to do. It goes beyond going to the market and picking any kind of cloth. You have to do a lot of thinking when choosing the material so as not to offend people that will be buying the cloth from you. I understand how stressful it is to actually decide what to pick as I have elder sisters who are married and one about to get married. That is why I have put together some tips to help you in choosing the right Aso Ebi for every occasion especially weddings. (I hope you find them really helpful)

#1. Always Have “All” Your Guests In Mind

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we all know all fingers are not equal. We have family members that are really well to do and those who are not so rich. It is important that you strike a balance so at least almost everyone can afford the material. How terrible will it be if your Aso Ebi sells too high that only few can buy it. Pick a good material that is not expensive so the not so wealthy can turn up in your Aso Ebi.

#2. Pick A Decent Colour Combination Of Materials


when I say decent, I mean colours that will look good on almost everybody; if not everybody. If you can’t decide what colour goes best with another colour, you can decide to go monochrome or involve people that are very fashion conscious. Always put both gender in mind when choosing too. It is safer to pick different colours for the guys and the ladies or just go with white, a nice shade of blue, cream and so on.

#3. Pick A Good Material

asoebi360nobsasoebi6There are times some materials look so beautiful but are very terrible to maintain, so never pick a material based on just its beauty, check out the quality too. No matter how cheap a material may be, I’m sure you don’t want your guests thinking they just wasted their hard earned cash. Quality must always, always be on your top list when choosing Aso Ebi.

#4. Decide What Type Of Material You Want Your Guests To Wear


This should be the number one tip when choosing the Aso Ebi you want. It simplifies everything. We all know there are so many types of fabrics that it can be tough to choose from. Do a thorough research before picking any fabric. You can also ask for the help of a fashion designer. Ankara, Lace, Guinea; do a proper research on the best fabric to use (especially when putting people’s pockets into consideration). Do not pick a material that is out of vogue or not so trendy; give your guests the true value of their money.


It is important to not inflate the prices of your materials for personal gain. Put yourself in other people’s shoes before you call a 3,000 worth of material 10,000 naira. If you don’t want to be bothered about the Aso Ebi wahala or the effect it may have on people’s pockets, just stick with choosing a uniform gele or cap that everyone can afford. Or pick a uniform colour and leave everyone to buy their own materials.


Also put in mind that as you’re choosing your Aso Ebi, you also have to consider the “souvenirs” you give to your buyers. Please don’t give them a pen or key holder or bottle openers; I’m sure a lot of people are tired of collecting that at parties.


Quality is the foremost when choosing Aso Ebi for every occasion and give people the value of what they are paying for, they deserve that.

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