The Great Farewells: Drogba, Lampard, Gerrard

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Gerrard names best Liverpool game: Captain proud of 2006 FA Cup final display

Three legends who shaped the last 10 years in English, European, and indeed world football played their final premiership games today. As Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Steven Gerrard all played their final games, their teammates and opponent s had no choice but to pay respects to some of the very greatest of the Premiership era.

Lampard and Drogba both enjoyed victories with Lampard scoring in his while for Gerrard it wasn’t a defeat but a humiliation despite the Liverpool captain finding the net. We would not remember them for their last games but we will remember Lampard for being the highest scoring midfielder in the premier league’s history, we will remember his long shots and his loyalty to Chelsea even when he scored against them while playing for Manchester City

lampard scores against chelsea

We will remember Drogba’s goals, his never say die attitude his 2009/2010 goal laden campaign, we will remember his penalty kick and header at Munich and we cannot forget he knee slide celebrations.


We will never forgets Gerrard’s loyalty, his midfield versatility, his ability to soldier on despite so many disappointments, his ability to lead, motivate and inspire and we will never ever forget that night in Istanbul.


Thank you to three greats, three legends.

Ola BlaQ

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