The Billionaire Baker Invites You To His Flagship Store

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Yummy!!! these are certainly going to have exceptional tastes and if you’re like me–a sucker for pastries– then the following announcement is definitely for you ,as well as the non-lovers of pastries who know someone that has a friend who is a sucker.

There is literally no escape for anyone.




There’s a new chef in town and he is HOT! Literally.

Chef Tolu Eros, a culinary artist extraordinaire; I mean when you hear a guy’s name suffixed with a name such as “Eros”, what else do you expect?

Cake7 (1)


His whimsical transformation of food renders you utterly speechless. You see it in the sinfully rich cakes and pastries produced at his exquisitely equipped new bakery in in Lekki 1 and you can’t miss the sparkle in his eyes at the evident contentment on his customers’ face .

Cookie plate


So, why not pop down to Cookie Jar’s new store launch along Admiralty way this Saturday for the opening of Cookie Jar’s first Confectionary boutique. There is no better way to start the weekend than with the taste of a gooey cookie, moist cupcake or a warm and spongy cake and a complimentary cappuccino, latte or baileys slush.


inner cupcake


So ladies, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Shout it on your rooftops and spread the good news that The Billionaire Baker is in town to offer you a mesmerizing touch of magic that would recklessly leave your senses overwhelmed.

inside Cake


Tolu EGi


Savethedate CJ Store Launch





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