Terrence Howard’s Ex Wife Wants To Release Photos Of His Genitals And She Is Not Playing

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Unveiling the Lyon’s Anaconda in three, two…

Terrence Howard is one heck of a controversial actor, in the past, the Empire star has been accused of domestic violence and his first wife even sued him for one of such cases.

But it seems like his second wife aint playing and she is not afraid to leak those nudes!

While Terrence’s nudes might generate a little buzz (a little being the millions of viewers that followed his new hit show on Fox), his second wife is threatening him on grounds that might not be solid.

The two, who were married for just thirteen months, got divorced with Howard agreeing to pay spousal support but now that he is threatening to withdraw, she is telling him not to mess with her and that she would show his genitals to the world if he dares.

According to TMZ, she asked, “Do you want to see your little dick in front of the TV?”

A statement that Terrence secretly recorded.

Uh-oh, getting really messy…

Ladies, wanna see what former Mrs Howard might be serving?



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