#TBT Your Favorite Footballers, Back In the Day

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Football has come a long way from the time when players wore practically trunks the days of weirdly oversized jerseys to today’s dominant tight fitting jerseys mostly by Under Armor and Puma. The players to have evolved over the years and we take a look at a few players and what they looked like a few years ago


Lionel Messi: 4 Ballon D’ Ors and a cool haircut with a new cool tattoo to go this is what Leo Messi looks like now

messi la liga barcelona

However, we remember what he looked like when he just broke into Barcelona’s first team about 10 years ago

messi 2005


Cristiano Ronaldo: the Madrid goal machine is a super good looking model as we see below


He has however always looked good. But 1o years ago, he had a funny haircut


Arjen Robben: Bald skinny and looking like he has energy to burn in 2015


Well 10 years ago he was….less bald

Arjen Robben

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The man, the legend


Well he wasn’t always this proud


Zinedine Zidane: looking cool and sophisticated as the assistant manager


Well we remember the oversized jerseys and funny middle patch of 1998


Mike Obi: The top man in Nigerian football, big strong and well, slow on the ball

Mikel Obi

At least he is stayed loyal to his haircut



Wayne Rooney: Well the hair surgery has helped the current all grown up Manchester United captain


But he had hair in 2003 but the haircut….


Andreas Iniesta: matured assured on the ball with the grace of a Greek warrior

Andrés Iniesta

Well, there was a time he had hair


Iker Casillas: An idol to goalkeepers and an accomplished veteran in between the sticks


Well, in 2002, he was wearing number 27, his jersey was oversized and had too many colors


John Terry: The captain, simply put


There was a time he didn’t really look like the experienced veteran you know



Steven Gerrard: the man that epitomizes Liverpool


1998, the teenager that epitomized Liverpool




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