Stop Trekking, Pray For Us – Buhari’s Aide Tells Youth

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An aide to the President-elect has faulted the trekking trend, advising the youths embracing the seemingly new cool to pray for the incoming leader’s administration instead.

Mohammed Shehu gave this advice during interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja on Monday.

He said the incoming administration acknowledges the excitement of youths over Buhari’s election but would prefer that they channel their energies towards praying.

“It’s kind of overwhelming. Last week, I told youths to stay where they are, stop trekking, and pray for the incoming administration instead.

“We have a lot of challenges; light, unemployment, insecurity, and so on.

“So it is more profitable for them to stay where they are and pray instead of taking the dangerous risk of walking all the way to Abuja,’’ Mr. Shehu said.

Addressing the allegation that the trekkers were ignored, he said: “that is not true. Even outsiders have been bringing gifts and food for them out of goodwill.

“It is untrue that they have been ignored or starved and this is not the first batch but you know the problem with this kind of situation is that when others hear, they keep coming.”




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