Still On Top: Real Madrid Still The Richest Football Club In The World

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Despite a five percent decrease on their total value, reigning European champions Real Madrid still sit on top of the list of most valuable football clubs in the world released recently by Forbs with a value of 2.87 billion Euros.

Real Madrid are better valued than Spanish rivals Barcelona who sit currently at second with a value of 2.78 billion euros. Despite a 10 percent drop in their operating cost, Manchester United still sit third on the list at 2.73 billion euros making them the highest earning English side while Chelsea and Arsenal are 6th and 7th on the list respectively. Bayern Munich also made the list and the top ten also sees Liverpool and Juventus all join in. English teams have the most representatives in the top 20 with 8 premiership teams including West Ham and Tottenham all making the list most likely owing to their mega broadcast deals with Sky Sports and BT. Paris Saint-Germain are the only French club in the to 20. Atletico Madrid and AC Milan also joined Borussia Dortmund and Galatasaray in te top 20. Italy surprisingly have 4 representatives in the top 20 while Germany and Spain have three each.

Below are the top 20 most valuable teams in the world:

1.Real Madrid €2.87bn
2. Barcelona €2.78bn
3. Manchester United €2.73bn
4. Bayern Munich €2.07bn
5. Manchester City €1.21bn
6. Chelsea €1.20bn
7. Arsenal €1.15bn
8. Liverpool €866m
9. Juventus €738m
10. Milan €683m
11. Borussia Dortmund €617m
12. Paris Saint-Germain €559m
13. Tottenham €529
14. Schalke €504m
15. Inter €387m
16. Atletico Madrid €384m
17. Napoli €311m
18. Newcastle United €308m
19. West Ham United €272m
20. Galatasaray €259m

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