Shoplifter Stuffs N20,000 Worth Of Groceries Up Her Vagina

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There is crime, and there is insanity. The owners of the shop did not press charges because to them it was the latter.

Holly Fray from Pitson, Pennsylvania had a genius idea for shoplifting goods. Keen eyed store employees noticed the very resourceful thief shoving food up her dress and called the police.

Thinking she was hiding the goodies in her underwear (no pun…), Police gave her pat down but did not feel anything…then some oranges dropped and rolled to the floor. Oranges! Several!

Well, Officer Felicia Anne, a 10 year vet of the police force arrived to carry out the more in depth search and she discovered that the goods that rolled out were just the tip. Officer Anne discovered a mini store in the woman’s vagina – a dozen eggs, bread, milk, a few more oranges, as well as a full porterhouse and a rack of bacon were in there, plus a lot more.

The store didn’t press charges against the thief because they said the situation was too funny.



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