See When The Ebola Virus Plans To Leave Liberia…

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In about 24 hours, Liberia will be declared Ebola-free if there are no new cases of the virus discovered.


Multiple reports have it that the World Health Organization will, tomorrow, lift the veil as it declares the West African nation free of the deadly virus. In the event this happens, Liberia will be only the first of three African countries that have been severely hit by Ebola to be declared thus.


Liberia has the most casualties -of the three countries- from the deadly virus; with around 4, 716 deaths, followed closely by Sierra Leone with 3, 9053 and Guinea, 2, 386.


The Ebola Virus has led to thousands of deaths in the African region often from a fatal hemorrhagic fever known as the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).


Spanning several decades, it was described in a 1976 Zaire outbreak by Ngoy Mushola as “[an] illness characterized with a high temperature of about 39*C, hematemesis, diarrhea with blood, retrosternal abdominal pain, prostration with ‘heavy’ articulations, and rapid evolution death after a mean of three days.”







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