Sami Khedira Hurt Over Real Madrid Treatment: “I Was Not Given Any Chance”

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Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira has spoken of his disappointment at the way he has been treated by the club.

Khedira, who is set to leave the team at the end of the season on a free transfer, recently spoke of how he was frozen out at the team.

“I did have a small injury, a pain in my right heel, but that wasn’t why I wasn’t playing,” Khedira said in an interview with Marca.

“It wasn’t a complicated injury, I was able to play,” he added.

“I’ve always felt that I’ve had the coach’s backing, but the message indirectly came through to me that I was no longer needed, I was frozen out and wouldn’t have a chance to continue playing.”

“It’s not the end that I wanted. It hurts that I’m accused of a lack of professionalism because I’ve always put the team ahead of myself. I’ve always gone with the truth.”

“Nobody from the club said anything to me directly,” he told Marca. “It’s all feelings, incidents and comments saying I wouldn’t play any more. But nobody approached me.

“What has happened this season has hurt me to the bottom of my soul.”




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