Sambisa Forest: New Video Surfaces Of Boko Haram Terrorists Running Away From Battle

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PR-Nigeria, a media consultant to the security agencies in Nigeria, on Sunday, released a video that shows Boko Haram terrorists running away from battle as attack helicopters bombard their locations.

The footage shows the fighters of the jihadist group running from approaching Air Force fighter jets and troops in Sambisa forest.

Some of the terrorists seen in the video were on foot, while others were on motor cycles and trucks.

The video further shows the dislodged and disorganized terrorists on flight in different directions and running helter-skelter in the expansive forest.

Another video depicts how vulnerable women and children were cautiously and deliberately guided to safety by the Nigerian pilots.

According to an officer involved in the operation: “The essence of the operation is not to kill everybody in sight, the Air Force pilots deploy their skills in herding both terrorists and their captives in different directions… while the armed terrorists met their waterloos.”




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