#RoyalBabyGirl -Britain Lights Its Famous Landmarks Pink In Honour Of The Sex Of The Royal Baby

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This is the first time since the birth of princess Anne in the 1950s that a female will be born into the royal family. In honour of this, the capital’s famous landmarks have been lit pink- which is unofficially every girl’s favourite colour-

The newest addition into the royal family’s sex and birth was announced yesterday at the top of London’s iconic BT Tower, with a rolling pink banner which read ‘It’s a girl!’

Shortly after that, according to dailymail online, Westminster Council tweeted: ‘Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, landmarks in Westminster will be turning pink tonight to celebrate the new #RoyalBaby’

The Golden Jubilee Bridge, the Fountain at Merchant Square In Paddington Basin, the London Eye, Hilton London Paddington have all been filled with pink lighting.

We cannot wait till the name of the baby is announced.

Keep refreshing 360nobs for all the updates on the royal baby’s birth.


Credit:Dailymail Online



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