Review: Olamide Shoots Further Up The Scoreboard With ‘Bobo’ [Watch]

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Olamide’s “Bobo” is quite the usual; laid back, jump-in-and-dance-to kinda jam, nothing out of this world from the man.


We see Ola rolling in the hood and catching up with them boys: fly boy swag, jean sagged, Timberland boots and white Tee that has him looking dapper.


He doesn’t say much as per message here. Okay, he tells us how he has plans to cop new cars; a Bentley and a Ferari. Then he debunks claims of him being an internet fraudster. Cool stuff.


Roof top, ocean view scenery, Bobo is crystal clear visuals that shoots Olamide up the scoreboard some more. The song is mellow, catchy, and carries tingly features that can freeze the industry heartbeat today, and get the people listening. The girls are spanking hot and popping. The aerial view is crisp too, a sugary depiction of the City of Excellence.



At intervals, Ola attempts various spasmodic dance moves, which is fine given the laid back nature of the cut. In all, super cool material that should keep him relevant some more in the mix. Jamming!

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Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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  1. I think this video is cheap and of very low budget. I really love this song n am very dissapointed at the video . expected more

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