Review: Kiss Daniel’s “Laye” Is Brilliance, Novelty And More [Watch]

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Aje Filmworks shuttles between a bush-raffia mise en scene, a balcony and beach sands to give us the amazing “Laye” visuals. Packed, novel, brilliant stuff.

We love how the production team took us out of the cliched box of videos out here today. We love how they dug up something fresh and cool on this, an absolute Afro pop material with Makossa undertones.


His love interest is cute, petite and it’s all sorts of sweetness what they both do on the beach sands and when they dance beside the rocky bush. The beats switch at some point an thickens the plot with something of a Juju/ Fuji touch.




Laye is a hit through and through, something like the radically fresh “Woju”. And it’s amazing how Daniel’s made it through the maze of our music in such a short space of time with two successive majors. Topnotch stuff; especially how amazingly beautiful his choice of female on this is. This. Is. A. Hit!


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