Real Madrid Tops Forbes Rich List Again

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Despite a five per cent decrease in Real Madrid’s value, the club has kept its place at the top of Forbes list of world most valuable teams.

This will be the third year in a row Madrid is topping the list since displacing United in 2013.

Top 20:

1.Real Madrid €2.87bn
2. Barcelona €2.78bn
3. Manchester United €2.73bn
4. Bayern Munich €2.07bn
5. Manchester City €1.21bn
6. Chelsea €1.20bn
7. Arsenal €1.15bn
8. Liverpool €866m
9. Juventus €738m
10. Milan €683m
11. Borussia Dortmund €617m
12. Paris Saint-Germain €559m
13. Tottenham €529
14. Schalke €504m
15. Inter €387m
16. Atletico Madrid €384m
17. Napoli €311m
18. Newcastle United €308m
19. West Ham United €272m
20. Galatasaray €259m



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