Qualities We Want Our Perfect Girlfriend To Have (3)

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The first and second parts of this article looked at some very interesting qualities we men want our ideal woman to have. These qualities are quite simple and they range from loving us to being better than all our exes combined. This third part provides other qualities we want the perfect girlfriend to have.

Give Him Space, Don’t Be a Menace
Our ideal partner would give us space to think and do other things. We don’t want you to demand too much as some women are too clingy. They call and keep in contact with their men 24 hours a day and this is bound to cause problems. Sooner or later, he’ll feel choked and would want to break off the relationship.
Instead of pressuring him too much about what he is doing and where he is, give him space. When you give us space, you’re indirectly in control as you show you trust us which will make us trust you and do all we can to maintain it. Give him time to be with his friends and family and whenever you spend time with him, make it worthwhile. Learn to trust by creating balance and trusting him. This is an important quality of an ideal girlfriend.

Have a Jovial Personality
You think of it, the men you love most are those that are jovial and have pleasing mien and same goes for men. Any woman with a pleasing personality thinks of her spouses pleasure first and would do whatever is right to make him happy. We adore women like this, not some “I am my own boss” feminist which is actually cool until you find it hard to get a man to love you.
Have it in mind that a relationship is meant to benefit both you and your man and as such you should stop putting up rules that restrict. This is not to say you should become his servant but you need to give him his space as a man and if you’re not ready to make him feel cool with your jovial personality, some other girl will make him feel that way and would be considered better than you are.

Never get lazy or Take Him for Granted
Nothing should ever be taken for granted. The worst thing that can be done in a relationship is to stop paying attention and get lazy. Once you start getting fat, you stop looking sexy for him, you stop telling him how much you love him, stop having that kinky sex then he just might walk away. The best way to avoid this is to continually seduce him everyday and everywhere. That is what we want our girlfriends to do as this will help us keep ourselves in check. It is essential you keep putting effort not only in the relationship but in yourself as well.

Work Out Regularly
Workout is essential if you want to keep that shape that got him when you first met. Moreover, it will make you feel good about yourself as well as look attractive to us. Try home workout steps such as squatting to keep in shape which would have an effect on your relationship. The better you look, the better you’ll feel in your own skin, and the more attractive you’ll be to your boyfriend. Try all you can to remain in the most sexy shape that appeals to him and you will be perfect in his mind.

Be a Woman
The sad truth is that the days when men acted like men and women as women are long gone. Women of today are taking up more of the duties of men while the men lack the determination to excel. This makes it difficult to find a good man and even more so, a good woman.
These days, more and more women act like men as you can see them drunk on the streets even as some refuse to shave and look good. The perfect woman we have in mind should be feminine and act well in public (though her actions in the bedroom should be a different ballgame). It’s not like we expect you to be in the kitchen like women of old, but a high percentage of us want women that are strong and sexy with an idea of what is right.

And there it is. Show any man these tips and I am sure he would agree with over 90 percent of the assertions here, of what makes a perfect girlfriend. Try if you can to apply some of these tips and thank me later for the improvements that are bound to come.
Remember that the most important thing in sustaining your relationship is having a deep understanding of each other’s psychology and emotions and learning how simple things you say have an effect on his attitude.




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  1. Thanx for sharing Sheriff! I agree with your opinion and this is how should be an ideal woman. I am happy that my woman who I met by the way on http://www.rbrides.com/ are so adorable. She always give me a space and she is so feminine. I am just a lucky guy=)

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