Qualities We Want Our Perfect Girlfriend To Have (1)

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Everyone must have heard the phrase that no one is perfect and that sure seems right given the fact that everyone strives but perfection which isn’t an easy task. Well, the context of perfection here refers to women knowing what their guys really want which is difficult but achievable. Just as every woman is on the look out for her perfect guy, that’s how we men are too. If women apply the qualities described below, no guy will ever think of cheating or breaking up with you as you would be his perfect soul mate. Being perfect isn’t easy, but it’s totally achievable if you know what your guy really wants. Guys have a different perceptions of what they consider a “perfect girlfriend” to be, but still there’s stuff most of us agree to be good qualities in a girlfriend.
Since the qualities are a bit lengthy, this article has been divided into three parts and the qualities are listed in no particular order. It is left for the ladies to determine which of them is applicable to what your man wants and prefers. There are things we guys want from our women, but because of our shyness, we’d never ask or request you do those things. A lot of these things are in this article and hopefully it will make you keep the man in your life.

Look Great for Him
It is essential that you look your best always for your man. It might sound funny, but men are concerned a lot about looks. We want our women to always look good. Bear in mind that you don’t have to appear like a model or beauty queen, but take care of the necessary things such as your skin and face. Also, ensure that you remain as fresh and beautiful as the time we just met and if you can take it a notch higher, we’d appreciate it more.

Smell Great for Him, Be Beautiful
The way you smell around him is a major turn on. The scent you give off can make him crave for you as it keeps recalling it and remembering you. Try and wear a perfume he loves, use a shampoo with a nice scent so that it becomes so natural with you that he just wants to perceive that unique smell you have always. Putting effort in staying beautiful for us makes it easier for us to stay in love with you.

Stop Nagging
95 percent of guys would agree that this is their major turn off. What most women fail to realise is that nagging doesn’t seem to provide a solution to whatever problems they were complaining about. Chances are he’d break up with you if you continue as we tend to need a bit of freedom too. When you constantly nag us, it creates a sort of rift between us which might slowly lead to dislike.
It is important you find a different means of communicating your grievances. Maybe the way you go about it is not motivating enough and thus, you require a way in which you can reward him. This could be through gifts, love or affection. This would make him do more of what you want as he sees you more as a partner and not a competitor that way.

Love Him
The kind of girlfriend he wants requires that you love him. He wants to know that you really do love him and you’re willing to do as much as he can to keep you happy. He has to know you love him, kiss him, pamper him and always look into his eyes as often as you can to tell him how much you love him.

Love Yourself
How can we love you if you don’t love yourself? Being insecure would only make you lose confidence and bring off negative energy that would rub on us. It is good for you to strive to be happy and do what is necessary to remain so. Try and make others happy too as it is bound to have an effect on you. A woman that smiles and enjoys being happy is way better than a sad and cranky girlfriend.

Be Devoted
A lot of guys don’t want their women to make them feel jealous even if they have it at the back of their minds that she’s devoted. Try as much as possible not to flirt with other guys if you really do love your boyfriend, tell him more often than not how much you need him and how he’s the only guy for you. We want to feel this and it helps develop deep trust between us.

Like His Friends
We hate it when we have girlfriends that don’t like our friends and complain about the fact openly. We might have crazy friends but they are still our friends and the fact that they are bad doesn’t mean we aren’t still friends. If you feel some of them are influencing us negatively, suggest it to us subtly rather than coming at us in an aggressive manner. It is our decision to let go of such friends and if you repeatedly complain about them, we just might let you go.
The worst thing you can do to a man is create a rift between him and his friends. This has a psychological effect on us as it erodes confidence and send assurance. This could make us reconsider the stance of the relationship.

To be continued…..



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