President Goodluck Shouldn’t Be Begging For Forgiveness Except If…

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In all sincerity, what is the reason for President Goodluck Jonathan’s continued appeal to the public for forgiveness? Does this imply in any way that his administration hasn’t been people-oriented as we have been told in the past?


At a farewell service yesterday, May 17th, at the Aso Villa Chapel, the President yet again asked for Nigerians to forgive him if in any way his policies and actions have been unfavorable to them.


Sahara Reporters has it that ‘President Goodluck Jonathan has appealed to his fellow Nigerian compatriots to forgive him for all his transgressions. He also pleaded for their understanding.’


Punch says ‘President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday apologised to Nigerians who he might have offended in the process of taking decisions during his eight years of staying in the Presidential Villa, Abuja as Vice President, acting President and President. He said since nobody was perfect.’


At the service, the President acknowledged how some may have been angered by his policies, but says his actions weren’t deliberate and there was no way he could have run the government without offending certain persons. While asking Nigerians for forgiveness, President Goodluck stated that in the process of making a decision that best suits the people, even his friends may have misunderstood him and become angry as a result. Nevertheless, he pleaded for understanding from all Nigerians.





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