Police Stop Wiz Khalifa From Smoking Weed At Billboard Awards

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Wiz Khalifa, a renowned consumer of the herb, was accosted at the Billboard Awards red carpet last weekend when he wouldn’t respect the award show and put his smoking on hold.


The rapper must have thought it cool to light it up regardless of where he was and who was watching, till a police officer met him up and had him put it out.


Hotnewhiphop.com reports the incident saying: “A photographer on the scene recounted the event on Facebook, writing, ‘Wiz Khalifa smoked weed on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet blazing some AK-47. A police officer told him to keep that shit off his carpet or he’d have to arrest him. It might be legal for medical in Vegas, but the cops don’t have the tolerance they do in LA.’”


Next day; Khalifa took to Instagram and, captioning his post, said: “Could you put the weed out sir? Yes of course”


Image: Worldbossteam.com


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