PLOT TWIST: Here’s Why Beyonce OWNED the MET Gala 2015!

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Okay, Okay before you all start spewing your opinions on Beyonce being a letdown with her outfit to the MET gala 2015…Please hear me out first and then drop your comments below.

Maybe it is the publicist in me talking (yea yea yea) but here goes; think MET Gala 2014 and what comes to mind? The elevator fight  fight of the century(mayweather and pacquiao ain’t got shit on them) between Jayz and Solange with Julius as the referee and Beyonce as the audience member with the best seat!. That is all anyone seems able to remember when the gala is brought up.

Now! The Queen of the Beyhive is coming to the same territory a year later and while the whole debacle has been sort of forgotten (not quite) and a statement has been made through Flawless remix *yes naa, all that money causes isht to go down*…How do you walk through this same territory with your head high and not let people look at you and have the first thought of your last year family drama? You make a statement!!! And that was some statement she made!.

Love or hate her outfit, you are talking about it! It is all over the internet; on blogs, twitter, tumblr, almost everyone’s instagram page either admiring or condemning the outfit. But the truth remains that you are all talking about HER not about her husband or sister and if they are okay or it’s all an act. I mean, the memes created about Jay z and Solange being at the gala aren’t even getting as much attention as her dress. Her Givenchy dress is ALL anyone is talking about and this my friends, is what you call one of the greatest PR heist. ???Spin the ‘Beyonce and met gala’ story so good that the met gala and elevator fight story slowly fades…the fight might come up in your head, but then…where did it happen again?*scratches head*.  Besides, one bad (well, by you people’s standard…not hers nor the fashion world) outfit won’t really ruin her BRAND!. Yes, the word hypocrite might be used a little too loosely but next event, next song, next album or even next instagram post with blue and Jay and you are back screaming ‘Goalsss!!!’ ‘Queen B’ ‘Beyhive’ ‘Slayonce’ and what not.


I have always admired Beyonce for being one of the best clients a publicist can have…Her brand is just wow, from her fan base to the person she lets us ‘think’ she is to how she knows how to dress up/act at specific places etc …wow…she herself is a publicist and she proved it at the gala! Notice her poses?? Ladies and Gentlemen when have you seen Beyonce work the red carpet like that?! She wanted to be all up in everyone’s face.. From the late arrival to the poses to the looks between her and Jay. Damn! She and her publicists deserve a medal. What else can you remember from the MET gala asides her dress?

Do you think she pulled it off? Please let me know your thoughts. ✌



An I.P and Entertainment Lawyer by day, a publicist by night and a writer 24/7! Most importantly, a passionate and hopeless hip hop romantic :)


  1. being one of the richest celebrity of all time , most soulful ,beautiful women in the world, does it really matter whatever anyone thinks, nope, she did it Beyounce ,slayounce’s way!!

  2. It is ironic and fascinating that today’s women are comically falling over themselves to see who wears the most outrageous next to nothing in public. And they will be the first to go the courts to stop the publication of the ‘most intimate photos’. Makes you want to kick out in frustration of double standard.

  3. Omg this why I love her so much their is no one like her I was at cloudy 9 watching her she always gives her all she work hard on her God giving talented I am so proud to be her fan for life

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