Over 500 Persons Die In India Following Heatwave

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In a terrific heat wave sweeping across India, over 500 lives have been lost, officials say.


Andrha Pradesh and Telangana have been worst hit, of all the states affected, with temperatures getting as severe as 48°C in some cases.


The heat wave has been on for a while, starting sometime in April, but has led to the most casualties in the last 10 days. Authorities say the death toll could actually be more given some of the deaths in the remote parts of country aren’t brought to public notice. It’s even more severe, most times deadly, in these regions as the labourers and cycle-rickshaw drivers can barely afford to eke out a living without working in spite of the harsh conditions.


Authorities have advised that the people take preventive measures seeing as the heat conditions would linger for coming days, into weeks maybe.


Image: Skymetweather.com


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