Oshey Fans! The Kardashian Clan Is Relieved And Grateful For The Public’s Support Of Bruce

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They never expected to receive the overwhelming support they got from their viewers.

The Kardashian/Jenner clan has had to go through a whole lot of emotional ups and downs in the past month, with the Patriarch of the famous family revealing to the world his decision to go transgender.

The whole family, even though they were aware of the whole situation before the rest of the world knew, are reported to be relieved that he got the amazing support he got from the public.

The Diane Sawyer interview might have aired weeks ago but the episode where Bruce opened up to his family only aired days ago in the states and the world got to see how his immediate family took the news of his decision to transition.

Khloe who he initially said was taking it hard, seems to be wrapping the idea around her head too.

Good for them.




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