One Year Anniversary? JayZ, Beyonce And Solange Spotted Just Over A Year After Infamous Elevator Incident

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It was just like yesterday when it happened.

The MET gala is synonymous to a lot of things, we’ll mention a few; Rihanna’s meme generating dress, high fashion and the Solange/Jayz elevator incident.

About a year ago, the infamous elevator incident happened and the whole world was thrown into despair, confusion and chaos while we all wondered how trouble could have managed to find its way into paradise!

Well, as it happened, that incident is now one of the wonders of the modern world because we would never know for sure what went down for real or what motivated what went down for real.

But a year later, things seem to have returned to normal in paradise aka The Carters’ family.

Solange, her sister, Beyonce and Jayz were spotted out on a dinner date yesterday and they looked all smiles as they made their way out of the restaurant.

Great to know they have moved on without drama.



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