One On One With The Fairy Dish Washing Liquid Ambassador, Iretiola Doyle

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New Fairy® is the world’s number one dishwashing liquid, and is known to be a powerful drop that’s hard to stop. With superior grease-cutting power and best oily grease removal, Fairy® is 100% effective on oily grease and lasts two times longer than other best-selling brands, with a concentrated formula that delivers long-lasting suds.

Popular Nigerian actress, presenter and broadcaster, Iretyola Doyle is the brand ambassador for the Fairy® brand in Nigeria. There was an interview session with the Fairy GodMother and she answered every question related to the brand and even more. Read all below;

On how it feels to be getting her first brand endorsement?

I’m representing the number dish washing brand in the world. I’ve always felt that if I have to represent anyone, it would have to be a major brand and that’s what has happened today. I mean, it’s the number one brand globally not just based on hype but based on empirical information, based on proof, based on trial that it delivers on its promise. So far, so good, the burden has been a very light one to bear, it hasn’t been hectic. It’s been a symbiotic relationship thus far. It began with a journey to Cape Town in March 2014 where I went to produce the commercial and all the materials we’re using during this campaign. I was in Cape Town for 10 days and it was a wonderful experience. It’s been an enjoyable journey and I’ve enjoyed being the FairyGodmother.

What are you bringing to the table for this brand, Fairy?

Fairy stands for excellence and professionally speaking, I stand for excellence so what I’ll be bringing to the table is my commitment. My professional integrity is very important to me which is also the reason I haven’t lent my name to any other brand thus far. So I’ll be bringing my commitment, my professionalism, lending my voice to strengthen the brand here in Nigeria and hopefully, all across the African continent.

Fairy is number one worldwide but in Nigeria, it is relatively unknown. Can you say that Fairy is the number one dish washing brand in the Nigerian market given how much effort that has been put into driving the brand far?

It has been proven that fairy is the number one global brand. We have the facts and figures to prove it so it isn’t just an empty claim. Let us remember that we’ve just launched into the market in march so the exercise being held here is all part of the process of creating a greater awareness of our availability and our presence in the market and the intent is to not just create and appearance in Nigeria but to make an appearance in the African continent starting with Nigeria. While I can’t tell you categorically right now that fairy is the number one brand as we speak purely because its new, I will beat my chest and actually, I am willing to (if I need to go that far) bet a year’s salary that within the next one year, fairy will be the number one brand because it delivers on its promise. All you have to do is try it once and you’ll see that this brand of dish washing liquid delivers on every promise it makes. It’s effective on 100% oily grease. A bottle of fairy lasts 2 or 3 times longer than any other dish washing liquid. A trial will convince you. Make your findings public.

What have you done to take the brand from the factory to the kitchen?

Again I say, we’ve been promoting this brand for barely 8 weeks and then we had the elections in between and as a socially conscious Nigerian, while I have the responsibilities towards this brand, I also have responsibilities towards my nation and we didn’t think it was the right time to talk about dish washing liquid considering where we stood in our sociopolitical evolution. That has kind of slowed us down abit but to answer this question, we had a couple of interviews, we’ve done an insertion with marketers. Last week we had a very vibrant twitter interview and I was told that on the day, we were number 7 on the trending list. So we’ve gone far and I can also tell you that there will be a lot more interactions. You’ll be seeing me at malls and markets interacting with the people and telling them about this brand. Once you try fairy, you’ll never go back again.

How has the experience been so far?

You know I MC? And I enjoy being an MC at lagos state events because you don’t have to lie especially when the governor is in the room, you can say that this is the governor who has delivered on his promise. Sometimes as an MC, in the course of doing your work, you have to muddy the water abit, you have to be politically correct that you can say the truth. Whoever pays the piper, dictates the tune. But for once, I am representing a brand that I do not have to lie about. I’ve used it, I know how effective it is. There’s nobody I know that has used it that hasn’t said how effective it is. So I’ve had a wonderful experience using the brand. Cooking is fun, cleaning up is hard. Fairy makes it easier.

What else does fairy promise asides THE POWER OF ONE DROP?

Way back then, the fairy advertising by line was ‘FOR HANDS THAT DO THE DISHES ARE AS SOFT AS YOUR FACE’. The science behind fairy is just much more than being effective against grease. It also takes into consideration, caring for the hands that wash the dishes. Fairy is very kind to the skin. It moisturizes your hands. It also has disinfectant values so it’s much more than just a dish washing liquid. As concentrated as fairy is, it is very mild. It doesn’t leave your hands dry or abrasive.

Are there any intentions of having bigger bottles?

For now, we are still content with what we have. It’s a gradual process.

Since the product was launched in March, what’s the success rate?

So far, we do not have data to back that up but I can tell you that we have great shelf presence and it really o the tough with the competing brands.

Who is your target market?

Our target market is Africa 1 and Africa 1 plus. Like the high class of the society and everyone else who deals with them like the maids etc. So there’s the primary target and the secondary target. Fairy is a premium brand and it’s earned it stripes and they’re very unpretentious about them however I have every confidence that regardless of whatever social strata you belong to, all you need to do is try it.

You’re looking a lot chic than what the TV shows us. What do you do to keep looking young and what are your personal attributes that aligns with the brand that you represent?

I cannot take credit for the way I look. I didn’t create myself. I find it amusing when people include physical beauty among their list of achievement. What did you have to do with it? You’re just a recipient of grace and good genes which is what I tell people. I’m a recipient of grace because God created me in his way and I have to thank my parents for fantastic genes. I grew up skinny and my joke is usually that what you see is payback for all the days I was very thin and I had a long nose. Regardless of your physical size, to remain looking good, you just need to rid yourself of negative energy and in whatever way it presents itself be it circumstances or people and I always advice people to be careful of what you put inside your body and more especially, what you put inside your mind. If you’re careful about these two things, it doesn’t matter what your physical size is, you’ll look good. My attributes that I think align with the brand without sounding immodest, I consider myself a very elegant lady, self-contained. I have integrity. I try extremely hard to deliver on any promise I make. If I say, ‘I’ll be there’, I would be there. If I think, there’ll be a problem; I’ll leave myself a back door. I hate to promise and not deliver.

How do you create a work-life balance with everything you do including motherhood?

I’ve been striking that balance for 14 years. I’ve been married for 14 years. Fortunately for me, my career and family grew around each other. My baby was 3 months old when I went on the set of fuji house. I used to drive one nice tuke-tuke bmw at the time. I had everything. From the baby bath to the stove to food. Everything was in my car because I had to go with the baby so my kids have always known that I work. I’ve always had the liberty to have my kids around me but there are times when you need to be away from home and you can’t be in two places at the same time. I have been blessed with a very small, tight group of personnel that have been with my like my P.A, my house keeper and a few family members who are trusted and can stand in the gap when you need to be away. Every woman who’s a working mother knows that it’s not easy to strike the balance. It’s also a sacrifice. Fortunately for me, I have a partner who also understands the business and who has been hands on in raising the kids all these years. And now the kids are grown. My last child is 11. I’m pretty much a graduate mum.

Fairy is the only dish washing liquid that has a very strong presence on social media, how did you guys pull that off?

Let’s be realistic. We are fortunate to exist in an era where social media is a major tool. Maybe when the other brands were launching they didn’t have the advantage of social media and they haven’t felt the need to take advantage of it but we are forward thinkers, were innovators. Now we are aggressively taking on the market. Our intention is to knock every other brand out of the shelf. We’re not taking any prisoners. If social media is what we need to do to get the job done, we going to use it. We’re going to use everything we have at our disposal. We’re coming out barrels blazing.


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