Obsession With Sex And 6 Other Things People Think About Single Guys That Are Totally True

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It is absolutely normal for people to have stereotypes despite the fact that almost all of us hate being stereotyped. Trying as much as possible not to stereotype people is the right thing to do but this cannot be avoided in our world as certain facts always seem to hold true. Just as certain things are common to the female personality, there are others that are part of the male personality.
You will find out that some things are equally part of the nature of every single guy. It is however important to note that despite the fact that a lot of guys do it, not all single guys do these things. Here are seven things which we have found out to be mostly true about single guys.

Obsession With Sex
Given the fact that there’s no woman in the home of a bachelor that would readily provide sex every now and then, there is that obsession with getting laid. More often than not, you’d see a single guy circling around females like a lion encircling his prey all in the hope of getting his sexual needs satisfied. Some others make up for their lack of women by having erotic magazines and pornography to satisfy their urges. Don’t blame them though, the hormones are at full blast at their time.

They Get Aroused Easily
A lot of single guys can relate to this and it can be blamed on the hormones. If a lady gets to stare at them a little longer than normal in a sensual way, they are bound to reach under the table and adjust their erection up to the waistband of their trousers. This mostly happens when single men haven’t had any lady to quench their thirst. A lack of sex could make men become maniacs- those that get aroused by the look of any discerning female.

They Are Scared Of Commitment
One of the crazy truths about a lot of single men is the hesitation and fear to commit to anything serious. Even though this is not limited to men only, single men have a fear for what the future holds and if they are actually doing the right thing by committing to that one person. And one of the crazy things is that men are more willing to commit to women who are not ready even as the same holds for women too.

They Hardly Discuss How They Feel
A lot of men find it difficult to talk about their innermost feelings. It does take a while and a bit of trust for single men to open up since they have it ingrained in them that men should be tough and any betrayal of emotions portray them as weak.

They Have A Tendency To Go Blank
It is common for single guys to go blank and fade away than face the arduous task of having a conversation that might lead to them being rejected.

Marriage and Children Aren’t Top of Their Priorities
Single men tend not to put marriage and having kids as top priorities simply because the biological clock isn’t really ticking fast for them. It is common for men to misunderstand the urgency women have when they get to a certain age when she knows it begins to get difficult, especially if she really wants to have kids.

They can be Total Jerks
Some single men live in fear that they may end up settling down with a woman way too easily and early. When you add this fact with some of the factors above, you’d realise why some single men are total jerks. This will probably lead to some crazy behaviour.

Being single is fun but there comes a time when you’ve got to man up and face the challenges ahead. Hopefully, that will be done with little or no damage perpetrated.



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