No, Suge Knight Does Not Want The Tupac Bullet In His Head Removed

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Suge Knight

Oh yeah, he has a Tupac bullet lodged somewhere in his head! He’s got the coolest head ever!

This generation might not very well know Suge Knight but they can’t say they don’t know Tupac. And if you know ‘Pac, you kinda have to realize there were some people behind him; his music, his career, his success.

And there were also some people in front of him, driving him for instance.

So on the night Tupac was shot, he was being driven by someone and that someone was Suge Knight.

Because it was a shoot out and bullets were flying everywhere, one of the bullets meant for Tupac found its way inside Suge Knight’s skull.

Now as we now know, Suge Knight didn’t die but the bullet never left his head either.

Now that Suge Knight has been arrested for a hit and run accident that left one person dead, he constantly passes out in his cell and Doctors after examining his head want to remove a certain bullet they believe might be in the way of proper medical attention. Yes, that bullet, the one intended for Tupac.

But Suge Knight is saying no. He does not want Doctors ” messing” with his head.

Whether or not that bullet would be eventually removed, we don’t know but what we do know is, Suge Knight’s got a  bad head (pun intended) on his shoulders.



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