Mutiny: 12 Soldiers Sentenced To Death Cry Out ‘They Want To Kill Us With Starvation’

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The gallant troops of the Nigerian Army that were arrested last year on charges of mutiny and attempted murder have reportedly disclosed to media through text messages the harsh conditions under which they are being held.

Here is an excerpt of the text message sent to reporters.

“Greetings sir, we are the 12 soldiers sentenced to death \others detained at CIC Apapa, Lagos. We are to inform you that following our denial of access to our families, councils & even access to fund [sic] to feed our families\pay our legal fees, that as you know, we had been concealing our cell phone to help us hear from counsels.

“The phone was collected on 6\5\15, in view of this, we have not been fed, We are on hand-cuff & leg chain, we are kept naked [sic] & deprived of even drinking water. As it stands now sir, our lives are at stake. We, therefore, plead with due respect that you intervene”.

It was learnt that an attempt to contact the soldiers through the phone number proved abortive. However, after a while, one of the accused sent a voice call with a frantic message.

“They are trying to kill us. They want to kill us,” the voice said.

The voice furthermore revealed that the authorities have noticed that they have access to a cell phone and have therefore punished them by starvation. He said they had not been fed nor given any water for about five days.

“Is not OK, they want to kill us with bitting [sic] starvation since 4 days we have not eating [sic] any food pls help us we are the 12 soldiers they sentenced last year,” another text message said.



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