Mourinho: Messi Can Be Stopped

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Guardiola says that “no system can stop Messi”. Mourinho doesn’t agree with this statement and says the Argentine can be stopped.

“Every time I played against Messi, I spent hours studying and trying to stop him,” he added. “Many times, we were successful. Other times, we were not successful. With Inter, we stopped him in both [semi-finals].

“The best way to do it is man-to-man because that is better than involving everyone. When you go man-to-man, you go with similar power – although man-to-man with him is an impossible job.

“Every time I was thinking about how best collectively – I am not saying stop him – to give him a difficult match. It is not about stopping him but giving him a difficult match. That is the best you do against him.”

I wonder what Pep or Boateng makes of this.



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