Mourinho: Barcelona And Real Madrid Get It Easy In The La Liga

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Mourinho believes that Real Madrid and Barcelona don’t have to work hard to win the la liga.

Barcelona recently won the league and Mourinho won the la liga and copa del rey with Real Madrid when he was in charge for three years.

Mourinho also went on to say that Barcelona and Real Madrid might find it hard I’m the PL.

“I was in Spain, but I didn’t enjoy it,” he told talkSPORT.

“I won a title with a record in Spain with 100 points and 121 goals, but we only played three or four matches all season.

“I lost a title with 92 points, but again we played only four or five matches in the season.

“You feel the pressure that you have to win every match because if you don’t you will not be champions. But it is a big, big gap between the giants and the others.

“In matches in other countries you can win matches when you are resting. In Spain and in Italy, I won lots of matches resting. Games in which you can think about the European game coming up and where you can rest players.

“This season I rested a few players against Bradford and I lost against Bradford. And that is English football. You are winning 2-0 and if you concede a goal you know you are going to have hell for the last few minutes.

“This is the reality of the Premier League. It’s not just about the number of matches, it’s the intensity. And it’s not just physical intensity, you feel the intensity mentally.

“The difference between the Premier League and La Liga is huge. Would Barcelona or Real Madrid win the Premier League? Maybe yes. Maybe not.”



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