Midweek Musings With @MrEnclave – People Are People, Ethnicity Or Religion Regardless

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It is astonishing, to say the least, how quick certain young people are to rapidly degenerate to seeing almost all things if not all things through ethnic/ religious spectacles.

360Nobs Midweek Musings With MrEnclave
360Nobs Midweek Musings With MrEnclave

More disturbing is how some so desperately wish for news of doom and gloom when it comes to matters of creed and or heritage.

For one, I’m blessed to know that people are people, be them Caucasian, Mongoloid or Negroid. Besides skin tone/ colour, there are good or bad people, nice or not so nice, spectacular or ordinary, amongst others. People are people. Deal and relate with people based on a personal interaction and not hearsay.

Don’t go out according a person’s entire culture or heritage some image based on a how a single individual may come across or has behaved. Here’s the thing- look back to the civil rights movement in the bygone era of the likes of the late great Martin Luther King and Malcom X, it was a clear case of institutional racism (it still exists till this very moment) against the Negro descendants of those stolen from the motherland in Africa and sold into slavery. In that uphill task, Reverend King had the ilk of those who oppressed them by their side. In plain words, there were White people on the side of Black people in the struggle against White people. Not only were White people on the side of Black people, there were also White people in the rank and file of the movement.

I said all that to project this- take heed when you view everything through ethnic glasses, you just might miss good people who are around you. Some times, it is good to take off these glasses, and as they say, “unlook”.

Till next week, thanks for keeping a date with me. *Sips Magarita from a corner in Bar Enclave*

Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

Copywriter. Sanguine. God understands me.


  1. Makes a whole lot of sense!
    We need to drop all these ethnic, religious, sexist and whatever boundaries! We miss out on so much good because we cling to these things!

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