Meet The Man Who Has Had 191 Surgeries Done And Now, Wants Wings Fixed

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He wants to be a real life Ken doll.

This guy aint playing, he is really about that plastic life.

After getting 191 surgeries done, Justin Jedlica is going for the 192nd surgery. The real life Ken doll who has appeared on E! network’s Botched, now wants wings added to his list of surgical operations.

Mr Jedlica, had the “wings” cut out and designed and then, placed into his back to give the illusion of real life wings.

According to him, “My back implants are one-of-a-kind as I designed and handcrafted each piece to make sure they matched the Ken doll aesthetic”

Mr Jedlica has also been quoted to say he is not stopping on the procedures until every single part of him has undergone plastic surgery.

In the 21st century, plastic surgeries aren’t exactly news and more and more celebrities (especially in the Western world) now confidently get under the knife.

But is Mr Jedlica taking his own procedures a little too far? What are your thoughts?

Source: Dailymail



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