Mariah Carey’s Label Boss Does Not Think She Has A Shot At Topping Charts With Her New Single

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They have worked together in the past and they do have an amazing relationship professionally and personally. So when this news broke, it came as a shock to many.

But before you think LA Reid does not believe in the newest act on his Epic records Label, have a rethink.

LA Reid, who was once a partner at the now defunct LaFace records, which is responsible for the success of many Artistes in the 90s, made his statement out of what he believed was the reality of things.

According to him, Mariah Carey should be satisfied with getting airplay. He further explained his reason for making such statements, the famous record label executive, said that only “in the moment stars” got to top charts and stay on the radio and if Mariah can get airplay with her new single then it is worth being grateful for.

He added that artistes like Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and Prince (among others) might bring new material out but there is no way they would climb to the top now that it is past their hey day.

We don’t know what Mariah thinks about her boss’ brutal honesty but she has been quoted saying she returned to work with him because he not only cares about her professionally, but also personally.

So maybe she would not take this too hard.



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  1. I wouldn’t think so either; the world is super cruel. She had several #1’s on her last few albums, but people are so quick to sell her out and judge her because they hate the way she looks, are tired of hearing high notes, or about just loathe her success. It says a lot about the spirit of the world and very little about Mariah. Nevertheless, I believe she has at least 2 left in her if she can once again discover a new sound that resonates with this generation. Case-in-point being Taylor Swift…she has 0 talent aside from scribing songs out of her life, but whoever produces her sound makes it resonate with today’s generation. Mariah will need to work with some of the newer producers that are making songs for Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, etc.

  2. I totally agree with you ,Brandon. The hostility and backlash the public gives artistes like Mariah Carey who have had their own great moments is simply unfair. These people ruled the charts at a point and their songs were the anthem. Even Ciara who just recently had hits is getting the heat from Beyhive and the Navy simply cos she says she doesn’t see them as a competition. But like you mentioned, a Producer with a today sound can still help Mariah get that hit.

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