Longer Legs? Yes Please. 6 Ways To Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Every female at some point in her life has dreamt of becoming a Victoria’s Secrets Model, or at  least model. Models come in various shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common are long beautiful legs.

Here are 6 tricks to make your legs look longer than they are. Enjoy!

1)Wear High Waisted Skirts/Trousers/Shorts as often as possible: I think this is the one trick everyone is familiar with, wearing high waisted clothes definitely give the illusion that your leg is a few inches longer than the original length.

2)Wear shoes that match your skin tone: This might be hard as most shoe designers hardly ever consider dark skinned girls when making shoes, a way around it is to find pop socks that match the shoe colour and you are ready to be a Victoria Secrets model.

3)Heels definitely help: Wearing heeled shoes might be uncomfortable, but they most certainly help your legs look longer. You can hold a pair of flats for the office and throw on your heels for lunch with your friends.

4)Tuck in as often as possible: Unknown too many people, long tops make you look shorter. Try as often as possible to wear tops that end on your waist and if you have to wear a long top, tuck it in girl!

5)Keep your clothes a few inches above your knees: You do not have to wear a super mini skirt for you to create an illusion around your legs, by simply keeping the dress or skirt one or two inches above your knees you  will create the same illusion.

6)Combine all steps above: This is not a must, but if you can totally work all five rules at once, then go ahead.

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