#Ladies Only: 5 Types Of Guys You Will Meet Before You Are 30

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Well, I might be breaking part of the Bro code with this article but it’s something I feel the ladies should know about. This article is a list of guys that I believe if a lot of ladies had known about, they probably won’t have fallen victims of heartbreaks. Of course, this list is not all-encompassing but gives an excellent insight into how guys think especially in the formative years.
Dating in teenage and early 20s is usually confusing and frustrating because of the many mistakes that happens which leads to problems that were not envisaged. This list is made from the personal experiences of friends and acquaintances who happened to have dated several younger Girls. And this is not to say some of these attributes can’t be found in women too but will provide more women an insight in spotting the different types of guys that approach them.
The Husband
Men that fall in this category are usually very nice and very much interested in you. They usually look like the type that are ready to take things to the next level. They appear to be in a hurry as they want you to meet their parents and siblings barely a month into the time you’ve known them. Men like this might pressure you to change your social media status from being “single” to “in a relationship” less than a week of knowing each other. He is happy checking up on you early in the morning and late at night. This relationship is however bound to fail as you’re not ready to give up your freedom at 20. This type of guys will go ahead and marry a girl that is ready to settle down at 20 and she will be happy she did.
The bad part of guys like this is that they tend to be emotionally intense. When the going is good, you’re more or less everything to him but if things go bad, it won’t be that pretty to behold.

The Friend
Guys that are “The Friends” are the ideal friends. They possess all the attributes you ever wanted in a boyfriend including interests, hobbies and games. You enjoy being with him but you find thoughts of sex with him repulsive. However, there might be some sexual mishaps between you two before you realise that he’s not the boyfriend you want.
If you don’t realise in time that he’s not boyfriend material, you could end up losing the friendship but the good part is you end up learning a valuable lesson not to sleep with every single man you’re connected to.

The Boyfriend
The Boyfriend is the guy that takes up the title. Completely opposite to the friend, he is the one you enjoy having sex with. You react to everything he does and long for him when you’re separated by distance. You are really into him but he doesn’t seem to dig you that much. You realise this and try everything you can to mould him into the kind of guy you want since you believe opposites attract. Unfortunately, you’d be living in self denial which would hurt you the most.
More so, the relationship would be draining both emotionally and psychologically. The good thing is that you will learn the value of self worth and you will come out of the relationship smoking and willing to take back a pound of flesh from every other guy you meet.

Someone Else’s Boyfriend
Oh! Not every girl experiences this but quite a number does. It is normal to experience this shortly after a break up with “The Boyfriend” because you are passing through some serious bouts of emotional trauma and have it in your head that everyone is unfaithful. This won’t go on for long however since your friend is bound to discover or when you pass through some form of reality check.
You’d realise that there’s no fun being the other woman and walk out of it. In addition, if you’ve got a conscience, you might be emotionally scarred for life.

The Normal
This is the type of guy a lot of ladies are shocked with their attitude. They don’t seem to have an aversion for you, neither are they showing any serious form of interest. They don’t seem to have any emotional issues and are easy to talk to. You would be disturbed that you don’t seem to have the normal problems bedeviling similar relationships you know of and you’d try to create some.
He seems to be ideal but it’s important you know if he isn’t a conman.

Lastly, the ideal thing is to get hooked with someone you like before you cross over into your thirties when it becomes harder. In all enjoy the relationships and be happy.



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