Ladies, If You Had A Crush On Prince Harry, He Has This To Say To You

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Inarguably one of the most sought after Bachelors in the world because overwhelming wealth and Princess Diana’s hot genes.

The Royal who is famous for his antics and (slightly hilarious) naked photos from a few years back is single, but that is not the news. The news here is, if by some chance you are hoping you might be the woman to snatch his heart, this man is saying he is not in a hurry to settle down.

Let it sink in.

Prince Harry said in his interview that he is happy being single and he wants it to remain that way for a while.

The Royal who has been linked to several British entertainers ended his on again off again relationship with ex Cresida Bonas a year ago.

So ladies, you might want to go look for your Prince charming elsewhere. I hear there are plenty in the middle east.




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