Labour Vows To Go On Indefinite Strike, If NIMC Sacks 1,000 Of Its Senior Workers

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Following the plan by the management of the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, to issue sack letters to over 1,000 employees of the commission, the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN, has threatened to pull out thousands of its members on an indefinite strike from next week.

In a statement issued yesterday by its secretary-general, Comrade Alade Bashir Lawal, the association lamented that that the Nigerian government had continued to tolerate and encourage the lawlessness of the NIMC management.


The association further expressed dismay that the NIMC director-general, Barrister Chris Onyemenam, had continued to flout court processes in respect of his irked decision to sack more than 1,000 senior employees for no just cause.

The statement read: “The directive by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity that parties should maintain status quo pending the determination of the trade dispute on the matter and that of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation that he must subject himself to court process at the Federal Court of Appeal, Abuja, by staying action on the planned sack have been treated with contempt.

“As we write, Barrister Onyemenam, who claims to be a lawyer, has summoned the NIMC Board meeting for next week to ratify his decision to throw more than 1,000 senior employees into the labour market so that he can replace them with his kith and keen from Delta State as he did after he retrenched more than 5,000 junior workers in 2012”.

“It is inconceivable that after being on the saddle for more than nine years, Dr. Onyemenam has not been able to issue up to one million identity cards to Nigerians even though he had squandered billions of naira on the project whereas the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had issued more that 80 million Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) to Nigerians in less than one year.

“The tragedy of this situation is that Barrister Onyemenam who has spent nine (9) years as DG of NIMC and whose term has expired since 2013 has continued to sit tight, boasting that he would preside over NIMC affairs for 20 years because nobody can remove him from office. He is now playing God.

“It is this type of arrogance and impunity that have brought the country to its lowest ebb. This is why the Union has resolved to take necessary Trade Union actions to bring sanity to NIMC and the entire Public Service.”

The association maintained that it has no other option than to paralyze the entire public service since all legal means available to it had been frustrated by the Federal Government, adding that all the appeals made to the Federal Government to curtail the continuous rain of impunity in NIMC as perpetrated by the DG and his personal assistant, a school certificate holder that has been promoted to the post of Assistant General Manager, had fallen on deaf ears.



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  1. the nimc DG IS a criminal,he should be probe by buhari govt,he claim that nimc belong to him and and his family and nobody will do him anything.our present govt is corrupt.god punish the DG nimc bcos he is a uselessman,becos he went and bribe the 7th national assembly,bribe the SGF,bribe the past NLC,bribe the nimc board chairman and the members of the commission to sack 5000 workers unlawfully in 2012.the change has come he will face the disgrace useless DG.This ideot that call his self nimc DG contributed why president jonathan fail the presidential election

  2. the federal government should call back the 5000 sack workers nimc the DG sack in 2012,that is why he can never achieve anything in that commission,this useless DG was appointed in 2007 till date yet he cant achieve anything rather than to sack staff,which organization in nigerian that does not have junior staff and all this junior staff he sacked,all of the were in school doing there parttime studies,some of them were in final yr,some have graduated and they are waiting for there result,while some just entered the university and the DG was the one that is giving the the approval to go school,all of the them have their approval to go to school approved by the nimc and the ministry of interior.when the DG notice this he sack the 5000 workers unlawfully and turn the commission to Delta citizens only,any one he employ he will give that one a higher level frm level 10 and above.nimc DG is corrupt he must face the trial,the national id card the banks are useing nw was done by the sacked 5000 workers and the workers was employed by the federal ministry of interior in 2002,it take INEC six months to one yr to do the permanent voters card and they delivered,but this NIMC DG did not do anything till now,this NIMC DG,his mission is to come and distroy the nigerian public service and the union.bcos he no noting about the public service rules,he must be probe and brought to book.Gen MUHAMADU BUHARI should call back the 5000 sacked nimc workers,there disengagement were unlawfull

  3. in terms of nimc case,the new NLC leader is a no nonsence man,he a man of principle he believe in change,nigeria belongs to all of us let us join hands and make it better so that it will attract foreigners,let for a corrupt nimc DG alone he will turn nigeria to become a private country.NIMC should call back those 4029 workers they sack unlawfully in 2012,this present DG nimc chris onyemenam is corrupt,this man no noting about public service rule,this man came to distroy the head of service and NLC.he must be probed bcos he is a thief,that commission will never progress unless they call back those innocent 4029 workers he sacked unlawfully.tanks long leave fed rep of nigeria

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