Kylie Jenner’s Parents Are Worried About Her Relationship With Tyga

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Oh well, the whole world is too.

After months of wondering if the Kardashian/Jenner clan would have anything to say about the controversial relationship between Kylie and her rumored boyfriend, Tyga, something finally came up.

Or at least, a source did.

According to, Bruce Jenner (who is transitioning into a woman) and Kris Jenner, are quite uncomfortable with the relationship between the duo.

Kris, who in the past has stated that she is okay with Tyga and Kylie being friends, has reportedly revealed her discomfort with the relationship which seems to be growing stronger.

According to the source, who is said to be a friend of the family, Kris believes that Tyga’s friends can wrongly influence her youngest daughter when she mixes with the crowd.

She also thinks that she might not be able to control who Kylie dates but she is worried Tyga might not be the right person for her.

This is coming after Tyga’s baby mama and her family had an infamous spat with his (Tyga’s) own family via social media two days ago.

Blac Chyna is currently filing for custody of their (Her and Tyga) only son, King cairo.

Whether of not Kylie’s family would prevail is unknown but what we clearly know is that this drama is going nowhere soon.



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