Kylie Jenner Confirms What We Already Knew, She Had Lip Fillers

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Technically, it is not news.

The 17 year old reality star finally opened up on a KUWTK clip, where she confirms that she indeed, got work done on her lips.

Over the past one year, Kylie has denied both in magazine interviews and social media that her lips are just make up wonder and that she in fact finds it insulting that the whole world thinks otherwise.

However, looks like big sister, Khloe, who Kylie has said in the past is more like a mother to her, convinced her to step out and say the truth.

And now she has.

Just recently, the very disturbing trend of Kylie Jenner lip challenge took place and had several people bruising themselves, to which Kylie told them to be themselves and love themselves the way they are, which according to her is what she did.

But now that she has confirmed what we knew all along, we wonder what loving herself the way she is, means.



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