Kris Jenner Wants Kendall To Hook Up With Lewis Hamilton Who Is Currently Linked To Her Bestie, Gigi Hadid

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You can never keep up with the Kardashians no matter how hard you try.

Just yesterday, news broke that model, Gigi Hadid and Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton (who broke up with longtime girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger in February this year) were in a budding romance.

While we were trying to digest the news, another one broke, Lewis might not be staying long with Gigi who is also besties with Kendall (and who invited Kendall on a hangout with Lewis), but might actually be moving on to Kendall (who was spotted with Lewis’ bling on her neck on the track where she was hanging out with him and Gigi and their other friends).


As you should be.

Kendall Jenner who is currently on top of her modeling game is best friends with Gigi but her mother, Kris Jenner was quoted to have said she thinks Lewis would be a good match for her daughter.

She thinks Kendall has always been into bad boys but Lewis would help calm her down if she hooked up with him.

And we all know when Kris gives her blessings, aint no backing down.

Not too long ago, she gave these world famous blessings to Kanye and Tyga publicly for her daughters, Kim and Kylie respectively.

And the relationship are yet to end.

So would Kendall take her bestie’s rumored boyfriend? We wait to see.




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  1. Lewis is 30 years old, Kris complains that her other daughter is dating a guy 7 years older than her… but wont complain of her other child dating someone 11 years older than her… This family is so messed up and pretentious.

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